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7 Back to School Tips

7 Back To School Tips
  1. Create a supportive and emotionally stable environment at home. This is important for learning and for good mental health.

  2. Ensure adequate sleep. 8-12 hours of sleep per day is recommended. Inadequate sleep can lead to poor concentration, poor school performance and behavioural issues.

  3. Encourage healthy eating. Create and pack meals and snacks high in fruits, vegetables, whole grains and lean forms of protein. Limit sugars and highly processed food. 

  4. Water! Water! Water! About 70 % of the brain is water. A well-hydrated brain supports learning. They should have adequate water to drink throughout the day.

  5. Encourage participation in physical activity at school. Invest in comfortable game shoes to help maximize physical performance and reduce feet injury and discomfort.

  6. If attending a new school, visit beforehand to help reduce anxiety on the first day.

  7. Set up a medical physical checkup for your child. This is an opportunity to ensure that your child is healthy, up to date with immunization and to get medical advice specific to your child. Also, any potential medical issues may be picked up and managed early. 

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